For a simple but rich life! Recommendations for a minimalist life

minimalist life

If you haven’t tasted this happiness yet, this minimalist life guide may be the key that will open a fresh door to your life!

Minimalist life. Does everything seem a little more complicated than it should be? Looking for ways to make life easier? It can be hard to spot, but small changes can have big results. 

You can completely change your life by changing just a few habits. The minimalist lifestyle guide will teach you how to apply the philosophy of minimalism, so you can enjoy a simpler life.

 We will also provide you with minimalist lifestyle tips to help you develop good habits.

 So let’s start with the answer to the question of what a minimalist life means.

Minimalist life means

Minimalism means the art of getting by with only the bare minimum. Especially in times of excessive consumption, the method brings more clarity to life. We’ll show you what the Minimalism lifestyle is all about and give tips on how beginners can declutter and how you can furnish yourself in a minimalist way.

The minimalist lifestyle, which has become mainstream today, is about living life with what is necessary and truly important to the person. Getting rid of excess items and clutter, and living life based on experiences rather than worldly possessions, are the basic philosophies of a minimalist life.

Benefits of the minimalist lifestyle

Minimalist living gives you many benefits. Let’s start with minimalism’s most pleasing benefit: a clutter-free home. That means less housework and more free time. 

 Having this understanding will reduce impulsive buying, we can say that you can save money with the philosophy of minimalism.

 Finally, you can clear your mind by emptying it. This will make it easier for you to learn, increase your productivity and even get you more efficiency from your sleep.

A Guide to Minimalism as a Lifestyle

One of the biggest problems of our day is to be more attached to and give importance to the objects we own. In fact, sometimes objects become much more meaningful than your health, your relationships with your loved ones, your personal development, and your passions.

 With minimalism, you can have everything you think will make your life easier, as long as you think and decide more consciously. 

One of the answers we can give to the question of what is minimalism is; It is the removal of objects that add value and meaning to your life and that do not contribute to your life. Because how you spend your days will indicate how you will spend your life.

Minimal Life Transition Steps

The steps of the minimal life transition should be gradual and slow. Taking small steps first is the most important issue for the transition process, as a sudden exit from a crowded life that has been going on for many years will prevent you from staying in the new life philosophy for a long time. After starting with these slow steps, progress can be made.

In the rest of our article, we have compiled the steps you can take to integrate the new and very satisfying minimalist lifestyle into your life.


Find an object in your home and remove it from your life.

That’s why the first piece of advice given to those who want to practice the minimalist lifestyle is to find an object in your home and ask yourself these three questions: “Am I using this? Do I love this, Do I need this?” 

You can get rid of everything unnecessary in both your home and office. Because, in its complex form, none of those items do anything other than cause you to stress. Thus, you can make room for your much more functional and important items. However, a minimal and simple life is not just about the items in your home.

 To create a minimalist lifestyle, it is important to try to fix the messes in your life as well as your cabinets and drawers.

Stop buying new stuff

Once you’ve thrown away the item you already have, stop yourself on a spree of buying items you don’t really need.

 When you don’t buy products that cause unnecessary clutter, you will be even more conscious of the space you create in your home. 

This way, you will be able to more openly question what is valuable and what is not in your life. 

You will stay away from objects that have no value or meaning to you, in line with the choice you make.

Buying fewer means being able to save more money and incur less debt.

Fill your kitchen with the philosophy of minimalism.

When shopping for groceries, shop monthly for durables, not daily or weekly.

 This is both much more profitable and allows you to avoid buying unnecessary things from the market every time.

 You may prefer to shop frequently and in small amounts while buying perishable foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits.


To Minimalist life Sell or donate anything you haven’t touched in the last 3 months.

You may be hesitant to throw something away or give it away in the hope that you will use it one day.

 However, according to experts, if you haven’t touched that item in the last three months, you don’t need it. “Have I ever used this in 90 days? “.

 This question will also come in handy when answering the question of how to be a minimalist.

 If your answer is no, it means you have to say goodbye to that item. 

The minimalist lifestyle attaches great importance to this understanding. So open your closet and evaluate your last three months. The items you need to get rid of will be waiting for you there.

Do a “friend detox” on social media.

To simplify life, you should limit the time you spend in the digital world:

  • You can start by turning off your cell phone from time to time
  •  reducing your daily television viewing
  •  Checking your social media accounts less.
  •  In addition, unnecessary subscriptions also exclude you from the minimalist lifestyle.

For a more minimalist life, you must innovate not only in your home but also in your office, car, and every aspect of your life. Of course, it is useful to remember this at every step.

 All the methods we recommend are a step towards starting a minimal life.

What Are the Characteristics of Those Who Adopt the Minimalist Life?

The characteristics of those who adopt the minimalist life are expected to be compatible with this philosophy and are listed as follows:

  • Eating and drinking habits are also simple. They do not eat more than they need.
  • They don’t have many kinds of clothes. They usually choose uniform clothes according to their needs.
  • They prefer not to own too much property.
  • They also pay attention to consumption in terms of time. When spending time, they become aware of what they are spending and why.
  • There are no or very few social media accounts. In this way, they do not spend much time on social media during the day.
  • They adopt a meaning-oriented life, not a consumption-oriented one.

Minimalism is not only a way of life but also a perspective. For this reason, the perspectives of people who truly embrace the minimalist life are similar to each other.

FAQs about a Minimalist life

What is minimalism?

Minimalism is defined as “the search for solutions requiring the minimum of effort, of upheaval”, which ultimately amounts to simplifying one’s life by getting rid of the superfluous and keeping only the essentials, essential to our daily life.

steps to becoming and staying minimalist:

Learn about minimalism and learn how to sort it out.
Take stock of your life: what consumer are we?
Become aware of one’s attachment to objects: what place do objects have in our lives? Do they make us happy? Are all the ones we have essential?
Declutter your house: sort it out.
Lighten your schedule and take time for yourself.
Take action, adopt a minimalist lifestyle, and resist our buying urges!

What are the things to throw away?

When you hear the word “minimalism”, the first thing that comes to mind is sorting out your belongings, and for good reason! Minimalism advises keeping only the essential things and not being overwhelmed by souvenirs, decorations, and objects that belonged to the past.

If this first stage of sorting allows you to save space at home, it also allows you to evolve in a peaceful and positive environment.

What are the things to keep?

To follow the minimalist lifestyle, you must therefore keep only the necessary and what gives you joy. All that is useless and superfluous to you, get rid of it.