Ways To Effectively Improve Your Communication Skills

Ways To Effectively Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication Skills. Communication is an act of transmitting information in which the information, emotion, and thought that an individual wants to convey is understood by both the sender and the receiver.

This article contains important information about what you need to know about communication and how you can improve your communication skills.

We have to communicate verbally and non-verbally to express ourselves or to agree. Sometimes face-to-face, sometimes online, sometimes through social media… Well, how to establish effective communication? How is this skill developed? What role does communication play in building trust? What kind of communication mistakes do people make the most?

What are Communication Skills?

What are Communication Skills?
What are Communication Skills?

Communication is interacting with the people around us through all kinds of verbal and nonverbal actions. Communication is often thought of as word of mouth. However, it is possible to communicate with people without speaking. or communicate with body language and facial expressions. 

“What are communication skills?” If the question makes you think, we will try to answer your questions in this article. Communication skills include skills that initiate and maintain a lasting communication relationship between us by creating the appropriate interaction with the person or people in front of us.

Why are communication skills important?

Why are communication skills important?
Why are communication skills important?

There are many reasons why communication skills are important. You need to use these skills to be successful in business, build effective relationships with friends, and increase your self-confidence. Communication skills help you understand what the other person is thinking and communicate effectively with them. These skills also help you secure success in your personal and professional life. Communication skills teach you to express yourself clearly, to look from different points of view, to express yourself, and to find solutions.

Three types of communication

Communication is grouped under three main headings: verbal, non-verbal, and written. Each type of communication is used in different fields to fulfill different purposes.

Verbal Communication:

It is the general type of communication used by all people in social life with their common language. Face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations, seminars, and statements can be given as examples of this type of communication.

Nonverbal Communication

Language is not necessary to communicate. Sometimes body language can be considered as one of the basic features of communication. For example, it is a type of nonverbal communication to understand that a person who clenches his teeth is angry and a person who smiles is calm.

Written Communication

The process of giving a message to the receiver using written language is called written communication. Letters, notes, diaries, and written works are living examples of nonverbal communication.

List of Ways to Improve Communication Skills

List of Ways to Improve Communication Skills
List of Ways to Improve Communication Skills

Here is the list of 10 ways to improve communication skills:

1- Become an active listener

Active listening is a nonviolent communication technique that involves listening carefully with your ears, eyes, and heart. This means listening not only to the spoken words but also to the non-verbal emotions and underlying thoughts of the other person.

2- Avoid making assumptions

One of the most common mistakes made by people is making assumptions. Assumptions can lead to miscommunication and are often based on limited information.

3- Use I statements

Use I statements to express feelings.

For example :

  • I’m sad when you’re late for our date.
  • I feel mad when you don’t show up on time

4- Express emotions appropriately

For example:

  • Express your emotions in a calm and controlled manner.
  • Show that you are listening and not just waiting for your turn to speak.
  • Avoid being judgmental or critical of the other person’s behavior or words
  •  Show understanding by asking questions and listening carefully.
  •  Don’t use sarcasm or blame

5- Stay calm during disagreements

For example:

  • Stay calm and avoid being defensive.
  • Focus on facts, not emotions.
  • Try to be empathetic and acknowledge your own feelings and those of others, even if they seem unreasonable or wrong

6-Respect personal space

Personal space is the area surrounding a person that they consider psychologically their own, and you should respect it.

This means that if you’re talking to someone in an intimate setting (like your kitchen), being too close can make them feel uncomfortable and out of their comfort zone.

7-Avoid using filler words

Fillers are words you use when you don’t know what to say. They’re like a crutch, and they can prevent your partner from understanding what you’re trying to say.

8-Use appropriate body language

Use appropriate body language. When communicating with someone, it’s important to use eye contact and other non-verbal cues to show that you are paying attention and listening carefully.

9-Practice assertiveness

Being assertive means that you know your wants and needs, speak up about them when necessary, stand up for yourself when others speak for you or try to change the subject, and are willing to compromise so that everything in the world feels heard.

10-Be aware of your tone.

When talking to someone, it’s important to be aware of your tone. If you’re too loud or too soft, they’ll notice and react accordingly. If you are angry or happy, they will also feel the same way about their interaction with you.


At this point, we realized how much our level of communication can improve, thanks to the development of our communication skills. In fact, communication is the key to the success of a company, but not only. Even in our private life, communication plays a crucial role.

Skills such as empathy, control of emotions, and good writing make our work valued positively. Let’s not forget to pay attention to non-verbal language. 

Communicating effectively is a teachable skill, so following a few tips outlined above will allow you to hone your communication skills.


What is communication skill?

Communication skills include the skills that initiate and maintain a lasting communication relationship between the person or people on the opposite side of the person by providing effective and correct communication.

Methods of communication skills?

There are three main known communication methods, and they are written, verbal and non-verbal communication.

Importance of communication skills?

Good communication makes life easier. Thus, people who can express themselves and communicate correctly are happier. It should not be forgotten that the basic skill in order to make a successful career is the ability to communicate well.

Do I need training for effective communication skills?

The answer to this question is how often you can use these skills. If you have no idea about these skills, or you want to improve your skills, you have many training options. In addition, many training certificates certify your personal development for your business and career life.

How to ensure effective communication?

Effective communication requires expressing clearly, listening, constructive criticism, being honest, approaching with positive thoughts, and using communication channels correctly.

Develop communication skills?

Communication skills can be developed with factors such as improving listening skills, speaking clearly, using communication channels correctly, being honest, making constructive criticism, approaching with positive thoughts, and practicing.